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Volunteer teams

Below, you’ll find a list of all the available tasks and teams, along with their roles and responsibilities. Take your time and choose the team that best suits your interests and skills. Once you’ve made your decision, head back to the events page to sign up and become an essential part of our team.


We can’t wait to have you on board!

Physiotherapists/Massage Therapists

As a physiotherapist or massage therapist, you can provide essential muscle care for all players to help them stay loose, comfortable, and energised throughout the event.

Language Interpreters

We need interpreters for interviews in the hall as players primarily speak their native language, which needs to be translated into English for media use.

Line Judge Team

If you have a well-developed sense of justice, this is an opportunity for you to make a difference by ensuring fairness during the games played by the world’s top players.


The two ducks Rosa and Rasmus are our mascots. These friendly ducks roam the hall, bringing joy and cheer to players, volunteers, and spectators alike with their infectious smiles and playful energy.

Players' Lounge Staff

As a member of the Players’ Lounge staff, you’ll play a crucial role in creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for players and coaches to unwind and enjoy snacks between matches and training sessions.

Security Staff

As a member of the security staff, your responsibilities will include controlling ticket admissions for spectators to our events, as well as ensuring that only authorised personnel enter restricted areas.

Service Team

As a member of the service team, your primary responsibility is to ensure that all players, volunteers, and VIPs present at the venue receive efficient and attentive service. This may include providing food and beverage service, maintaining a clean and organized environment, and attending to any special requests or needs.

Souvenir Sales

As a member of the souvenir sales team, your role is to promote and sell the various Badminton Denmark souvenirs available in our shop, as well as providing excellent customer service.

Team Activities and Kids' Zone

There is a wide variety of activities available for both participants and spectators. Join our team as part of the children’s activity, audience activity, or event activity team to help ensure that everyone has a fun and memorable experience at the tournament.

Warm Up & Practice Hall Staff

As a member of the Warm Up & Practice Hall Staff, you will help ensure that the training and warm-up facilities are maintained to a high standard for the players and coaches. This may involve assisting with equipment setup, monitoring the facilities, and providing assistance to players and coaches as needed.

Team Press Center

Join our Team Media and help us ensure that the media from around the world are able to provide the best possible coverage of the event. As a member of the Team Press Center, you will play a crucial role in facilitating media access, providing information, and coordinating interviews and other media events.

Ticket Sales Staff

The Ticket Sales Office is the central point of sale for all tournament tickets. We need enthusiastic and friendly people to join our Ticket Sales Staff to assist customers in the Ticket Sales Office and ensure that all ticket sales are handled efficiently and accurately.

Team Venue Setup

As a member of the Team Venue Setup, your role will be to help set up and maintain the various facilities used during the tournament. This may include setting up the Main Hall, training hall, and other rooms used by players, coaches, and officials.

VIP Lounge Staff

As a member of the VIP Lounge Staff, you will have the opportunity to interact with our VIP guests and provide them with a first-class experience. Your role will involve welcoming guests, providing information and assistance, and ensuring that the lounge area is kept clean and well-stocked.

Team Drivers and Guides

If you enjoy driving and would like to act as a driver and local guide for players and officials, we have a job that might be perfect for you! As a member of the Team Drivers and Guides, you will need to be available at odd hours of the day.